Friday, November 25, 2005

I really should keep this thing updated every once in a while

Seems that every time I come back to my own blog, it's been weeks or months since the last update... guess the novelty cools off after a while. Or maybe it's because the blog doesn't really have a theme, except as a sort of big bookmark keeper so that I can refer friends over when they're looking for something in particular. Plus it's never going to generate any kind of revenue as nobody else looks at it :)
Oh, and what's with all the bogus comments left all over the place? I think I've had only two *real* people leave comments. The rest is just ads for some product or other with the phrase "Hi, I was looking for *product X* and I found your blog... bla bla bla..." - man, stop it already, nobody is dumb enough to click on these. But then again, maybe these guys *are* generating revenue... oh well, I just started this thing to see how to tie everything together - ads, counters, Blog This features in Firefox etc...